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How do I apply the colorOn Instant Eye Shadow Applicator?

The application is so easy. Simply peel back the applicator from the card, and center the pad on closed eyelid. Hold in place at each corner of the eye, making a "peace sign," and gently rub the back of the applicator with the index finger of your free hand. Remove and dispose. Lightly dust with setting powder provided. This will make the formula waterproof, and give the shadow a soft matte finish. Click here to view our demonstration video. Instructions are also on the back of each box:


Tips for Application


Close your eye and center oval on lash line, holding in place with index and middle finger, making a "peace sign".


Gently rub the back of the appliqué with your free index finger. Be sure to smooth over entire lid starting from the inner corner of the eye working outward and up. For a lighter application, gently tap the back of the appliqué.


Slowly peel back the appliqué from eyelid and set aside.


Use different fingers to gently tap and blend each color to your desired look. Use one finger for darker shade and another finger for lighter shade. Note: for avant-garde designs such as Leopard, Camouflage and Zebra, avoid blending altogether to preserve intended design.


With GetSet™ Powder and brush provided, sweep the powder over entire lid and you are "all set" for gorgeous eyeshadow that will wear all day and night without creasing, smudging or the need to reapply. For naturally oily lids or water and/or sun exposure, apply heavier coating of GetSet™ Powder.

How should I remove the colorOn Instant Eye Shadow?

We recommend that you use the ColorOff Professional makeup-removing towlettes available on this website. Also you can use an oil-based makeup remover that is safe for the eye area.

What comes in the colorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow kit?

Along wih the Instant Eye Shadow Applicators, you will also receive just the right amount of our setting powder and a small brush to apply it. Any of the metallic and shimmer shadows come with a special setting powder that enhances the shimmer effect. Each colorOn applicator card will indicate whether you should set it with Settting Powder #1 (matte) or Setting Powder #2 (shimmer).

Which colors will look best on me?

Forget the old rules about choosing colors based on your hair color and skin tone. Your eye shadows should reflect your mood, attitude, and lifestyle, and should have the flexibility to change with you, and transform for all occasions. Click here to browse our gallery and choose a look that you either identify with or aspire to. Go ahead, bend the rules!

I have heard that mineral makeup is good for my skin. Does your product contain minerals?

Yes, all of our eye shadows contain pure minerals. In addition, the moisturizing formula fills in and smoothes the skin, while light-reflecting pigments correct and enhance the eye area.

Is your product safe to use?

Ours tests have proven that the colorOn Instant Eye Shadow Applicator is completely safe to use around the eye area. In addition, the unique one-time-use feature of our product ensures a clean, hygienic application every time, without the danger of contamination other eye shadows and reusable applicators bring.

Does the colorOn Instant Eye Shadow Applicator come in different sizes?

No our research has shown that one size fits most adult women. Everyone's eye shape and size is different, but our applicator seems to have universal appeal. The applicator itself is made of a soft flexible material that fits comfortably onto most eyelids. No matter what your eye shape or size, you will achieve a beautiful result.

How should I use your product to address my particular eye shape? Which side is up?

The colorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow applicator is flexible, flattering and even corrective for every eye shape. The applicator is perfectly symetrical, so you can use it two ways: Darker shade down, or darker shade up.

Darker shade up works best for undefined, Asian, or mature eye shapes, as the lighter shade hilights the lid, and the darker shade emphasizes the crease. Darker shade up also creates a more dramatic look for all eye shapes.

Darker shade down works best for almond and deep-set eye shapes, as it emphasizes the deeper shade at the lash line and on the lid, and then diffuses up to lighter gradient shade for the crease and brow bone. Use this tequnique also to create a "smokey eye."

For close-set eyes, use our Tri-Color designs from our Jewels Kit by placing the darker shade on the outer corner of the eyelid, working in. For wide-set eyes, use our Tri-Color design wth the darker shade on the inner corner, working out. For more tips, contact us by clicking here.

Can I use the Instant Eye Shadow Applicator with other eye makeup products?

Yes. The Instant Eye Shadow Applicator plays well with others. No eyeshadow base is needed, as it is built-in to our formula. Apply our produduct first, and then layer with other eye shadows and liquid and dry liners. False lashes and appliques also adhere well to our shadows. Setting powder should be applied as the last step before mascara and/or lashes. By themselves or layered, you will get a professional, flawless look every time.

Does your company test on animals?

ColorOn Pro does not conduct or endorse cosmetic testing on animals.

What makes the colorOn Instant Eye Shadow different from other eye makeup products?

The colorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow applicator is a unique, innovative, and patented product that will revolutionize the way that women wear and apply eye makeup, transfering color and design to the eyelids in seconds. There is no mess, no fuss, no makeup brushes or skill necessary. Each application is completley hygienic, and delivers a professional, flawless result every time.

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Where can I buy colorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators?

Please click here to shop online now. You can also check out the list of retailers, which we update periodically, so please check back frequently. We also have websites in the UK at

How can I get information about becoming a distributor of colorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators?

Please contact ColorOn Pro at

When were colorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators patented?

ColorOn Professional Applicators have been patented since 1992.