How to Apply PressOn Eye Shadows

How do I apply the ColorOn Instant Eye Shadows?

The application is so easy. Simply peel back the applicator from the card, and center the pad on closed eyelid. Hold in place at each corner of the eye, making a "peace sign," and gently rub the back of the applicator with the index finger of your free hand. Remove and dispose. Lightly dust with setting powder provided. This will make the formula waterproof, and give the shadow a soft matte finish. Instructions are also on the back of each box:

Tips for Application



Close your eye, place applicator edge near inner corner of eye, center applicator on lid and place close to lash line. Hold in place with index and middle finger, making a"peace sign". Hold in place.


Gently rub the back of the applicator with your free index finger. Be sure to smooth over entire lid starting from the inner corner of the eye working outward and up. For a lighter application, lightly rub the back of the applicator.


Slowly peel back the applicator from eyelid and set aside. Keep your eye closed to avoid creasing.


Use different fingers to gently tap and blend each color to your desired look. Use one finger for darker shade and another finger for lighter shade. Note: for avant-garde designs such as Leopard, Camouflage and Zebra, avoid blending altogether to preserve intended design.

ADD SPARKLE (Optional)

After blending, loose shimmer or glitter can be added to any design by applying it to a makeup brush and pushing it into the wet cream in the areas where sparkle is desired.


With GetSet™ Powder and brush provided, sweep the powder over entire lid and you are "all set" for gorgeous eye shadow that will wear all day and night without creasing, smudging or the need to reapply. For naturally oily lids or water and/or sun exposure, apply heavier coating of GetSet™ Powder.