Instant Eye Shadow Sizing

Does the ColorOn Instant Eye Shadow Applicator come in different sizes? 
  • For years ColorOn has only produced one size applicator.  We have recently developed child sizes in many of our designs due to our popularity in performance arts sector.  Our research has shown that one size fits most adult women, however most designs are to large for children. 
  • If purchasing ColorOn Instant Eye Shadows for children, contact our sales office at to request a size chart to measure the size of the childs eye.  Everyone's eye shape and size is different, but our applicator seems to have universal appeal for most adult women and some children.  It is always best to test the size of the applicator on all eye types to determine if your eye requires a child size.  The applicator itself is made of a soft flexible material that fits comfortably onto most eye shapes and sizes to achieve a beautiful result.  

ADULT SIZE: 1.75" wide x 0.75" height
CHILD SIZE: 1.50"  wide x 0.50" height

ADULT SIZE: 1.90" wide x 0.80" height
CHILD SIZE: 1.50" wide x 0.60" height

How should I use your product to address my particular eye shape? Which side is up?

  • The ColorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow applicator is flexible, flattering and even corrective for every eye shape. The applicator is perfectly symmetrical, so you can use it two ways: Darker shade down, or darker shade up.
  • Darker shade up works best for undefined, Asian, or mature eye shapes, as the lighter shade highlights the lid, and the darker shade emphasizes the crease. Darker shade up also creates a more dramatic look for all eye shapes.
  • Darker shade down works best for almond and deep-set eye shapes, as it emphasizes the deeper shade at the lash line and on the lid, and then diffuses up to lighter gradient shade for the crease and brow bone. Use this technique also to create a "Smokey Eye."
  • For close-set eyes, use our Tri-Color designs from our Jewels Kit by placing the darker shade on the outer corner of the eyelid, working in. For wide-set eyes, use our Tri-Color design with the darker shade on the inner corner, working out. For more tips, contact us by clicking here.